GMI is a company that is seeking to find and enhance their Domestic and Global Commonality. GMI believes that Commonality should be the foundation for a healthy firearm safety and training industry.

Why We’re Here

Guns Matter Inc. is the heartfelt brain child of television and film star Isaiah Washington. From humble beginnings to a successful entertainment career, he has experienced a wide range of socioeconomic circumstances in his lifetime. All leading to this. His passion project.

Isaiah has created and staffed his organization with like minded individuals, all of whom feel very deeply about supporting responsible firearms ownership, and providing real-world defensive firearms training for all Americans. 

Through responsible, economically accessible professional training, and through the actions and commitment to community that GMI provides, it is our hope to support Isaiah's vision of equality throughout all communities of the United States. Every American is born with the inalienable right to self defense, and GMI is committed to foster and enable that right to all of our fellow citizens..